Understand your employees' hours. In Real-time.

Track and manage your labor with a time tracking system that accommodates chaotic environments of restaurants. Only pay employees for time worked. Accurately track employees' time without any fuss.

Say Cheese to Time Tracking!

Finally, time clock software that is made for the hospitality industry. We get it - the restaurant environment is dynamic. So we've created flexible time & attendance software that adapts to your restaurant operations.

Time Clock Re-invented

Ensure staff are work-ready and not ‘buddy’ punching with our camera time attendance and mobile app with geo-fencing.

Easy Approvals

Easily track employees with multiple rates & positions and give managers the luxury to approve hours in real-time.

Compare Scheduled Hours to Clock Times

Automatically compare employee’s clock times against scheduled time. Customize your clock settings and automate items such as early starts or set up rules for exception reporting.

Track and Automate Labor Compliance

Keep a close eye on ACA benefits eligibility, split shift premiums, daily minimum pay requirements, general holiday eligibility, and more!

Save on Hardware Repairs

Hardware independent software = less clutter. Use a tablet of your choice for time attendance without costly repairs!

Receive Smart Notifications

Set up alarms for daily or weekly overtime, and stay informed with employee clock-in behaviors by flagging early clock-ins, late starts, or staying past scheduled time.

Tip Management Made Simple

Tip declarations are made stress-free when meal periods calculations are automatd and tipped staff under minimum wage are automatically flagged and topped off to reach the threshold.