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Rosemary Rocksalt

If you’re looking to fill your bagel fix in the Greater Vancouver area, look no further than Rosemary Rocksalt. Fresh, chewy and hearty, Rosemary Rocksalt brings a small taste of Montreal to the streets of Vancouver.

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Previous System

Payroll: ADPScheduling: ExcelTime Attendance: SquirrelPOS

About Rosemary Rocksalt

If you’re looking to fill your bagel fix in the Greater Vancouver area, look no further than Rosemary Rocksalt. Fresh, chewy and hearty, Rosemary Rocksalt brings a small taste of Montreal to the streets of Vancouver. Opened in 2013, the bagel empire has quickly expanded across the Lower Mainland of BC with two locations in Vancouver and North Vancouver, and single locations in Richmond and South Surrey. With their commitment to high quality products, charming guest service and a positive workplace, Rosemary Rocksalt is “spreading happiness,” one bagel at a time.

“Excel was being used for scheduling but it was such an archaic system.”

Teena Gupta, Co-Owner

Rosemary Rocksalt Challenge

With a commitment to be “cultivating a better world,” Rosemary Rocksalt needed the right tools to manage their team members and their workflow. The biggest pain point for the support team was the fragmentation of their existing systems. Store coaches were spending too much time creating schedules and with the abundance of administrative work and manual calculations involved, the tools available were not flexible to their businesses needs.

Rosemary Rocksalt’s scheduling method was difficult to manage. Staff’s availability was always changing, time off requests were always coming in and unqualified shift swaps, where team members would swap with supervisors, happened far too frequently.

When communicating the schedule, store coaches would have to email all their employees, and if any changes were made, they would have to re-send the revised schedule to those who had schedule changes.

For time attendance, a POS system was used for employees to clock in and out. But the POS machine was primarily used to ring in sales. If an employee forgot to clock out, sales would then be rung under them, rather than the cashier. Though it was a minor inconvenience from a simple mistake, it still made cash-outs far more difficult than they had to be. On top of making cash-outs difficult, employees who would forget to punch out, would then be automatically punched out at the end of the day. There were no alerts for when an employee would forget to punch out or if they had “worked” a 17 hour shift.

Running payroll required 3 reviewal processes. Firstly, the reports from the POS would need to adjusted and approved by the store coaches. Next, Scott, the company’s Regional Coach, would review the hours and make sure that there was nothing like 18 hours of overtime. Then, it would be passed on to the accounting team.

The last step was the actual approval process from co-owner Teena Gupta. But completing the task was always a waiting game without the approval process from both the store coaches and Scott. As the final reviewer, payroll would still take her at least one hour for three established stores and a newly opened one.

And if there were any errors? Fixing them would be extremely difficult. It didn’t happen often, but when it did, it required a long  process.

Push Solution

As the sole person running payroll, Teena required a system that made work easy for her and her team. With Push, manual processes of creating and printing schedules have been streamlined and the method of creating and communicating schedules has never been easier. On the employee end, as schedules are easily accessible online, there’s no more confusion as to who is working for the day. Team members know exactly what their schedule is without any surprises.

The availability aspect of the scheduler has also been a huge time saver. There are no more papers floating around and coaches can view employee availability on the same screen of the scheduler. For vacation requests, coaches are able to fairly approve or reject requests, based on their submissions time. They also receive updates on shift requests in real time. And if they forget about it, they’ll still see a notification until they deal with the outstanding requests!

Push’s time attendance module has also allowed employee’s clocked times to be more accurate. Employee comments and notes are easily communicated to managers via Push’s tablet time attendance software. Whether it’s noting that they didn’t take a break or punched in late, messages are no longer being lost with an informal process they had prior.

Labor forecasting has also positively affected the scheduling behaviors of the store coaches. They’re able to schedule strategically by concentrating their labor on the busiest times and organize and schedule their labor in ways that fully utilizes their employees. With the right tools, coaches are also now able proactive rather than reactive. If labor was over the day before, they can now re-evaluate how their labor is planned for the rest of the week. And the best thing about Push? It’s user friendly – everyone can use it!

With the introduction of Push as an all in one employee labor management system, reviewing and approving payroll now only takes 30 minutes for all 6 stores.

But Teena has found that the store coaches are getting the most out of Push. As a company that supports managerial autonomy, the Support Center is able to take a step back and allow coaches to be more in control of their stores.

Push has also granted the Support Team at Rosemary Rocksalt the ability to spend time focusing on other areas of growth, rather than dealing with all the administrative tasks involved with running a business. As Rosemary Rocksalt expands, they’re now equipped with a automated system that can be easily used universally by all store coaches across all stores.

“[Push] has freed up so much more time to work on the business instead of in the business. The cost savings from Push is immeasurable. ”

Teena Gupta, Co-Owner

Key Benefits

Clearer Communication

No more confusion between employees and managers with scheduling, time off requests, etc.


Time savings on employee management with payroll, scheduling and time attendance on one platform


Tasks are automated, allowing owners to focus on growth and managers to focus on guests

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