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You’ve grown your business and you are now finding yourself using multiple platforms to perform different employee management functions.

Not only is managing multiple platforms expensive, you constantly have to make sure information is “connected” between platforms, and everything works cohesively.

Challenges for Retail

Some challenges you face with Hiring, Scheduling, Human Resources and Running payroll are:

Communication of Data

  • Information is fragmented as the communication between different types of software is limited
  • Data between actual payroll wages and the costs associated on your scheduling forecasting and budgeting is dependent on manually updating information from one platform to relay to the other
  • Different departments may have missing information as different software is used to manage employees and run payroll

Running Payroll

  • Employee hours are required to be manually transferred to a payroll platform
  • Wages for employees who work multiple positions, shift premiums like overtime and statutory holiday pay are managed and calculated manually
  • Reporting is not centralized as different types of valuable information are housed in different platforms

Expanding Your Business

  • More time is spent gathering data from different platforms than analyzing data to drive your business’ growth

Push Solution

Automate and Centralize Record Keeping.

  • All paperwork is obtained on the ATS is automatically transferred to an employee profile when an employee is hired
  • The onboPaperless onboarding ( contracts, forms, etc.)
  • centralized record-keeping
  • Proactive HR alerts when Performance reviews are due (set it and forget it)

One Place to Manage your employees

  • Centralize and store important documents like employee training guides, performance reviews, and records
  • Track and measure KPIs (NPS, work attendance, happiness, etc.) and keep the information in each employee’s profile
  • Allow different levels of access to managers to allow for collaboration amongst team members in different departments when hiring and managing employees

Run Payroll in Minutes

  • Automate payroll calculations like overtime pay, daily minimum pay, statutory holiday pay, etc.
  • Set up custom clock rules to streamline the approval process and automate clock-schedule enforcements

Features to Scale your Business

  • Create schedules across different locations and send company-wide messages and updates
  • View and analyze an enterprise wide dashboard to compare key KPIs amongst locations, and departments as you grow
  • Set up proactive alerts (overtime, performance reviews, etc.) to get an accurate pulse on your business on the fly

Key Benefits

Document Management

Paperless onboarding and online document management.

Centralized Data

One place to manage your employees


Adaptable solution to scale your business

"Great Enterprise & Quality Service"

Dani H, Human Resources, Mid-Market(201-500 employees)

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