Relax. Payroll is done.

When you sign up with Push, it's like adding an entire payroll department to your team.
We stay on top of all aspects of compliance and the software is refreshingly intuitive and easy-to-use. Say goodbye to manual calculations, excel spreadsheets, data transfers
& leave all the work to us.

Push Operations Payroll Processing

Payroll Software for Restaurants

At Push Operations, we take payroll processing seriously. We make it a breeze for you by being on top of every aspect of payroll, including compliance, wages, and taxes, so you don't have to. Run payroll in 10 minutes or less. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Automate Payroll Calculations

Automate Payroll Calculations

Eliminate the process of data transfers and automate the calculations of employee hours and applicable federal, state or provincial taxes. We complete tax filings, new hire reporting, and employee pay.

Manage Employees with Multiple Positions and Rates

Flexible Wage Tracking

We complete all the pre-prep work. Easily track, streamline, and pay employees with multiple positions and rates. We make it easy to monitor daily minimum calculations, split shift premiums, and minimum tip top-offs.

Approve Payroll From Anywhere

Quick Online Access

Process payroll with a click of a button from the comfort of your office or from the beach. Skip the game of tag and grant employees the luxury of receiving pay stubs and their payroll information online.

View Payroll Reports Instantly

Real Time Payroll Reports

A payroll solution crafted specifically for the nuances of the restaurant business, our reports and accounting journal entries are organized by your preference, and split up automatically for accurate reporting.

Avoid Costly Fines with Labor Compliance Tracking

Stay Ahead of Labor Laws

We take payroll very seriously and ensure that we're experts in every jurisdiction that we operate in. T4, ROE, W-2, W-4, 1099, I-9 are just some of the terms that we're proud to be on top of, so you don't have to be.

Service Across North America

Nationwide Services

Payroll services are available across Canada (excluding Quebec) and in major states across the USA.

View Multi-Locations From One Account

Manage Everything From One Account

Manage multiple business from the same account! Easily monitor and control overtime costs with instant notifications from anywhere.

Manage Tipped Employees Easily

Easy Tip Management

No more manual calculations for tip credits, tip-out pools, garnishments and blended (weighted) overtime. We have that covered with automated calculations!

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