HR Software

With the ability to centralize and easily access employee data on one platform, valuable information on dynamic performance management is at your fingertips.

Push HCM

HR Software for Restaurants

Welcome to the new age of HR software

No more manual spreadsheet tracking, filing, and paperwork. Effortlessly manage all your employee information in one place.


Onboarding Without the Headache

Eliminate paperwork and implement consistent onboarding experiences across multi-locations. Create one login for employees across multiple locations and have new employees fill out information, sign contracts and upload banking details from any desktop or tablet.


Centralize Employee Documents

Push Operations is an online document repository! Centralize and store employee documents like contracts, I-9s and W-4s on a secure cloud-based platform and create custom training modules to ensure employees are set up for success.


Stay on Top of Compliance

Track sick days and Affordable Care Act benefits and store information like your Employer Identification Numbers in a single and secure database.


Track Employee Tasks

Set it and forget it! Whether it’s certificates, training, or performance reviews, add tasks and due dates in Push Operations and leave it to us to remind you.


Document an Employee's Journey

View your employee’s journey with pay raises, promotions and upcoming work milestones. Get access to employee work performances at your fingertips.


Spot Trends

Analyze employee turnover ratios across multiple locations with real-time dynamic employee data. Compare locations side by side and spot opportunities for improvement.

Spot trends in your HR software

HR Feature Checklist

  •  Store all employee data on one secure cloud-based platform
  • Allow employees, and yourself, access to multiple location's schedules, payment information, and documents from one account
  • Streamline hiring processes with paperless onboarding
  • Set up weekly alarms for employee anniversaries, end-of-day logbooks, & more!
  • Easily generate and view employee information on one report
  • Set and remind tasks with due dates, for yourself and your employees

The Push Operations Suite

With Push Operations you can mix and match Payroll, HR and Workforce Management, but what are the benefits to using an all-in-one system? The short answer is automation and streamlining systems. When everything integrates seamlessly it's less manual work, which gives you more time to spend with your customers.