Push Cares 2017: Strathcona’s Holiday Safe Place

As of 2016, Push Operations made the commitment to give back to our local community. This past holiday season, we re-visited our old friends at Strathcona’s Holiday Safe place.

The Holiday Safe Place

The Holiday Safe Place program is a seasonal program, introduced by the Strathcona Community Centre. The name of the program is a direct reflection of what it offers – a safe place for children during the holiday season.

The program was created for at risk children who are vulnerable during the holiday season. When schools are closed for the holidays, children living in poverty are most vulnerable and at risk over these extended school breaks.



The Push Operations Initiative

For many of the children who are part the Holiday Safe Place, they come from low-income and single parent families. For many, they never receive a single Christmas gift.

That’s what our team wanted to change. This holiday season, the Push Operations team returned, with hopes to again brighten up each child’s holiday season.

On the last day of the program, the Push Operation Elves brought some holiday spirit to Strathcona’s Community Centre!

Led by Business Development team member Tina Lum, our team had two days to purchase, wrap, and write cards for each child. Armed with a wishlist for 70 children, our team personally picked out customized gifts from each child’s wish list, and hand-wrote each card.

Getting things ready for the children was only half the fun. Seeing the children’s excitement for Push Operation’s Present Drive was the best part! However, our visit wasn’t just to give the children gifts – rather it was to show them that the world is their oyster.

“I didn’t have a lot growing up, but I had a dream and I worked hard.  Today I’m here to show you that if you work hard and follow your dreams, you can give back to your community one day too.” – Tina Lum, Business Development



As a company, we offer more than just payroll. With the new year, our team hopes to take part in more initiatives within our local community. If you’d like to connect with us to help a local non-profit charity, we’d love to hear from you!