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About Noodlebox Mount Pleasant

Housed in the charming neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, Noodlebox brings the streets of Southeast Asia to Vancouver. In reflection of their neighborhood, Noodlebox Mount Pleasant’s culinary foundation consists of fresh and premium ingredients, along with sustainable practices. In fact, their tables are reclaimed BC pine beetle wood, and their metal is salvaged from demolished buildings around town. They offer a west coast twist on South Asian favorites, including Ginger Beef and Pad Thai. Whether you’re yearning for a steaming bowl of rice, or ribbons of bouncy noodles, there’s something for everyone at Noodlebox. Small in size but bold in flavor, Noodlebox offers quick and tasty customized meals, specially crafted in a glorious open kitchen.

"I am personally saving at least 6 hours a month of adding and viewing timecards manually."

Brad Silberg Owner

Noodlebox Mount Pleasant Challenge

Before Push, franchise owner Brad Silberg was the living and breathing workforce management system of Noodlebox Mount Pleasant. Staff clocked in and out with time cards, which Brad had to manually calculate hours and employee pay. Evidently, human error with this process was inevitable. Viewing employee availability and dealing with shift swaps were also a headache. Schedules were made using word documents; Brad had staff availability on paper, stuck to a calendar in his office to create the schedule. There was only one copy of the schedule at the restaurant, making it a hassle to for both Brad and his employees. Employees had to take a photo of their schedules to ensure they know of their upcoming shifts, or they where forced to physically come to the restaurant to view their schedules.

With the use of Push’s innovative system, managers have saved at least 3 to 4 hours a month with the automated calculation of hours for tips.

Push Solution

As great as Brad is, Push Operations’ workforce management system has removed the hassle and confusion out of payroll, scheduling and staff time and attendance. The system streamlines all aspects of labor into a single platform; its refreshingly intuitive, and easily accessible.

They say time is money, and Brad has saved at least 6 hours a month by eliminating the process of adding and viewing time cards manually. As much as the staff love tips, it is not fun to count and divvy up. With the use of Push’s innovative system, managers have saved at least 3 to 4 hours a month with the automated calculation of hours for tips. Bye bye pen and paper! The days of trying to organize and sort time sheets are gone. As one of the eco-friendliest establishments in Vancouver, Push Operations has provided Noodlebox Mount Pleasant with another opportunity to be more so: by saving trees with the elimination of additional paperwork.

Push’s scheduling system is straightforward and easy to use. It aims to create a faster and smarter way to create schedules. Staff availability is clearly displayed in shift templates, and different schedules can be viewed and created with just one click! Push’s system is not only beneficial for management, but also for staff. They are able to swap and release shifts with a click of a button, or request time off anywhere and anytime, on their mobile device or desktop. Communication between staff is optimized and prioritized with a messaging function within the system, and messages can be broadcast to the entire team. Time theft is no longer a concern as Push’s camera time attendance has given Brad the ability to ensure that staff are work-ready and accurately paid for their time worked. The digital system ensures that all hours are tracked and accounted for, and staff are only paid for hours that they’ve worked.

Brad and his managers are also given the opportunity to compare his staff’s scheduled hours versus their clocked times. Valuable reports are at their fingertips with a click of a button, giving them the opportunity to grow and improve their business. Real time hour approvals and adjustments can be made in real time, instead being left until the pay period ends.

Push’s system is made specifically for the hospitality industry. They recognize the importance of providing a system that not only works, but is successful. Push Operation aims to make their clients payroll rock stars whilst removing the redundancy of administrative work. Push values ease and simplicity, which reflects in our intuitive workforce management system. The system has allowed Brad to ensure he is optimizing his workforce whilst making payroll and scheduling a cakewalk.

Key Benefits

Time Effective

Scheduling is fast and paperless, administrative tasks are minimized and reduced

Access Anywhere

Digital platform allows management and staff online access anywhere anytime, via web or mobile


Camera time clocking ensures all staff hours are accounted for, human errors are eliminated with automated payroll

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