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Ultimately, Levetto has the opportunity to grow their business with access to timely labor and sales reports at their fingertips.

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Ontario, Canada





Previous System


About Levetto

Nothing says comfort quite like a hearty pasta or a saucy slice of pizza. Levetto Pizza and Pasta Bar is just that. With 6 operating locations in Toronto, Levetto is rapidly growing in size and popularity. They offer real Italian comfort food, ranging from freshly made in house-made pastas to hand-tossed Roman pizzas. In a city with a budding and diverse culinary scene, Levetto’s premise is simple – its unpretentious classic Italian food that speaks for itself. At Levetto, you’ll find high quality dishes at an exceptional price in a comfy and casual atmosphere.

Levetto Challenge

Levetto is a fast-casual restaurant but their previous workforce management system was everything but that. It was inefficient and slow. With over 130 employees, it was difficult to update employee records and there’s nothing worse than being charged for a service that you are not using. Levetto’s previous provider would still charge them a fee for inactive employees. They may have had 30 active employees that were getting paid and 10 inactive but their previous provider would still charge for 40 employees.

With Levetto’s previous method of payroll, owner Sammi Nguyen still had to process data manually. Payroll calculations, such as statutory holidays, would take her more than 2.5 hours to manually calculate out and enter into payroll. As meticulous as Sammi is, manual calculations and data transfers are often prone to human error. Adding miscellaneous earnings and deductions would also take forever. They had to input each employee individually. Can you imagine how long it would take to manually process payroll for 136 employees?

Push Solution

Introducing a new employee labor management system to a rapidly expanding restaurant chain is understandably hectic. But with Push’s commitment in creating a system where scheduling and payroll is seamless as possible, the onboarding process was simple and easy.

Push Operations’ employee labor management system is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also simple to learn and easy to use. It’s all about efficiency. It streamlines the bulk of labor activities into a single platform. Tedious and manual work is no longer existent. The system aims to not only saves on labor costs but also on time. Before, it would take Sammi over 5 hours per pay period to finish payroll. Now with Push, payroll is no longer a painful process. She is able to upload batches of earnings and deductions, cutting the payroll processing time in half; making the task simple, easy and extremely efficient. The bane of every restaurant owners’ existence, statutory holidays, are made simple and effortless with Push’s automated payroll software. The payroll process is automated, making payroll processing a breeze. All employee clocked hours are effortlessly streamlined into payroll and manual calculations are instantly eliminated.

“…the system really adds accountability back to the managers when they’re managing the employee hours.”

Sammi Nguyen, Owner

Managers also have the ability to have complete control of the workforce. Sammi notes that “the system really adds accountability back to the managers when they’re managing their employee hours .” Managers now have the ability to approve and make changes to hours in real time. They no longer have to be stuck in their offices trying to deal with the headache of administrative work during lunch or dinner rushes. Their time is better spent on the floor; where they can revel in the excitement of the dining room and spend more time with their staff and customers. When reports come back to Sammi, she can do an instant high level overview of each store, instead of contacting each restaurant individually or playing phone or email tag with managers. With a quick audit and spot check, Sammi is able to run payroll with just one click. Ultimately, Levetto has the opportunity to grow their business with access to timely labor and sales reports at their fingertips.

Push Operations not only prides ourselves in providing a system that works, but also in understanding a diverse array of clients. Push’s robust software is tailored to each client and the system is customized to fit the needs of each individual business. Push’s ultimate goal is to allow clients to work faster and smarter. We revel in simplicity and Push’s software allows Levetto to easily handle the behemoth of payroll, have complete control of their workforce and grow their popular business with real time reports.

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Key Benefits

Company Growth

Meaningful sales and labor reports allows instant analytics of multiple businesses

Time Effective

Mundane tasks are eliminated and time spent on payroll is cut in half


Push supports and adapts to company specific issues

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