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Push’s system is made specifically for the restaurant industry. They recognize the importance of providing a system that not only works, but is successful. Push Operations aims to make their clients payroll rock stars whilst removing the redundancy of administrative work.

Schedule Faster and Smarter

Create shift templates, add shifts, and see different views with one click! Staff can see their schedule on their phone, shift swap, release their shift and request time off anywhere.

No Fuss Clock In

Staff only clock in when work-ready. Your employee clocks in on their phone or tablet, takes a uniform ready photo and chooses their position. Geo-locating sure an employee is on site to clock in.

Actual vs. Budgeted

Analysis is pulled from the scheduled hours vs. the actual clock times. Managers easily approve employee clock time.

One Click Payroll

All the information is in Push. One click and employees with multiple positions and rates are paid accurately and on time. Employees can view pay stubs directly online or on their phone.

Real Time Reports

Focus on running your business and let Push Operations automate meaningful reports. Track employees with multiple rates & positions, streamline labor cost to the correct revenue centers, and run labor reports.

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