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Hudsons Canada's Pub

You know that home away from home? A place where you feel welcome, at home and with your favorite people? That’s what Hudsons Canada’s Pub is.

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Previous System

Payroll: ADPScheduling: AmeegoTime Attendance: Pen and Paper

About Hudsons Canada's Pub

You know that home away from home? A place where you feel welcome, at home and with your favorite people? That’s what Hudsons Canada’s Pub is. “Happy at any hour,” the atmosphere is lively, the drinks are cold and the staff are inviting. Located across two provinces and with 10 thriving locations, Hudsons is the epitome of Canadian hospitality.

Hudsons Challenge

Pen and paper are classic tools for taking orders but they’re not the greatest for tracking employee clock ins and outs. With over 1000 employees during peak season, time tracking was a huge problem for Hudsons. Everything was tracked manually on a written timesheet and there were issues when it came to staff clock-outs. In the instances where employees forgot to clock out, managers were left with a guessing job. They were rounding hours to the nearest 15th and as a result their labor cost skyrocketed. They were losing money daily. At the Hudsons Whyte location alone, General Manager Mitch Boyd found that they were losing anywhere between $500-1000 a week, per location, without an accurate time tracking system.

Prior to Push, Hudsons’ had used ADP for payroll. But ADP wasn’t tailored just for the restaurant industry. Mitch notes that “…[with] ADP being such a big company… it [took] us a really long time to get their system integrated into ours.” Mitch had been in contact with three to four different people at a time. With trying to get everything done, it costed them “thousands and thousands of dollars to try and get something integrated for one line of code.”

There was also a disconnect between their employee management systems and their payroll systems. For employees, if they worked at different locations, they had multiple logins. This made it difficult for them to keep track of their schedules and documents like T4s and paystubs. As for payroll, at the end of every night, General Managers (GMs) were also responsible for manually transferring the written hours into their payroll software for employee pay and scheduling software for labor forecasting. This task alone took about 7 hours every week. Though they had a payroll manager, payroll days were painfully long for all parties involved. Their payroll manager would review every store and she would send off reports to each store, based off anomalies that found in the payroll system. The GMs would then review that and would have to go back and make those adjustments. This alone, would take them an hour to an hour to a half on payroll days. When looking to forecast labor, they had to enter data into their system, and then pull a report. Nothing was seamless and everything required multiple steps.

Push Solution

Hudsons was looking for a employee labor management system that was all-in-one. Pen and paper time tracking was getting too costly and rather than having fragmented payroll software and scheduling software, they were looking for something that encompassed all their needs. Hudsons on Whyte was the first store that test piloted Push. Push helped save 40 – 45 labor hours on their first payroll run by accurately tracking employee’s time. According to Mitch, “in that first payroll just by not having those rounding issues by actually clocking in right to the minute…we did a quick math of how many hours we saved in those first two weeks and it was insane.” With the tablet clock in system, he was able to accurately pay his employees for their actual time worked. No more giving away money with guesstimates of clock out times.

“Just by not having rounding issues by actually clocking in right to the minute…[the] hours we saved in those first two weeks [were] insane.”

Mitch Boyd, General Manager

With time tracking and payroll in one platform, time management savings is one of the biggest benefits of Push. With Push’s tablet clock in method, clocking in on a physical tablet held employees more accountable and managers are able to make real time changes. Rather than reviewing clock times at the end of the night, mispunches are easily and accurately adjusted in real time. At the end of the day, it now takes Hudsons’ GMs 15 minutes, rather than a full day, to process payroll. Their payroll manager used to spend hours upon hours reviewing payroll whereas with Push, she can review and approve within an afternoon.

Push’s live labor forecasting also allowed Hudsons to actively control their labor and better adapt to the chaotic environment of restaurants when scheduling. A lively Wednesday one week, might be extremely slow the next week. Through Push’s system, managers can see trends in real-time. They’re able to see a concrete number of their labor cost right off the bat.  If a store is running 20% labor and sales are projecting $10,000 lower than the forecast, they’re able to make informed adjustments rather than pulling reports and calculating and adjusting further down the line. This allows GMs to be more proactive than reactive. By expediting their labor forecasting process, they were able to rearrange their schedules for that week before they actually feel a hit coming.

Push wasn’t only beneficial to Hudsons’ management team, but also for their employees. With an all-in-one system, Mitch notes that they no longer have to give three to four different logins and passwords to their staff to track their schedule, payroll, T4’s and everything else. They can provide them with one login to view everything they need in one place. As for employee hours, staff would be able to see their approved hours as soon as managers completed them. Instead of viewing their hours after they’ve received their pay stub, if an employee noticed a discrepancy for a shift they worked, managers are able adjust their hours right away rather than down the line when the pay period is over.

Instead of spending valuable time being wasted reviewing and entering hours for payroll processing and data inputting, GMs were able to have immediate feedback on labor. Push integrates with point-of-sales systems to bring in sales information to provide a full picture of their labor. On a daily basis, the management team uses Push’s reports to make better decisions as they know where the store is sitting at with their labor and sales targets.

Tailored for their company, Hudsons’ was able to work with Push to create their own custom report. As a multi-location establishment, the report connects day-to-day GMs and Head Office with valuable information for their labor targets and their sales targets on a daily basis. There’s no disconnect between Head Office and GMs. The biggest perk of working with Push is the ability to adapt to what Hudsons’ needs are.

Key Benefits


Significant cost savings with reliable time tracking, and real-time labor forecasting


Time savings on employee management with payroll, scheduling and time attendance on one platform


Tailored software for the restaurant industry and custom reports and templates

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