The team at Push Operations is all about efficiency. We thrive on simple solutions, and quick results. In other words: we want to help you! Our total workforce software is not solely for payroll, scheduling, and time attendance. It also provides valuable reports, and handy human resources tools. Now what would promoting a new dish and Push’s total workforce solution have in common? Well let us explain! Here are 5 simple steps on how Push’s platform can be used to promote new dishes:


Playing phone tag is never fun, especially when it’s regarding your business. Take away the casualness of text-messaging, and inform your serving staff of a new promotion through Push Operations’ messaging platform. It’s easy to use; staff don’t have the excuse of not seeing your  message in the mass of their personal ones, and you won’t forget anyone!

And if they forget about the message, you can set up another reminder at the beginning of their shift. When they clock in using camera time attendance, staff will instantly see a reminder of the promotion, along with the details. Ultimately, they don’t have an excuse to forget during their shift.

The best way to motivate your servers and get them to sell your dish, is by having an incentive. Offer the staff member who sells the most dishes a bonus of $25, or a comped dessert in return for their hard work. Incentives are great way to create friendly competition among the staff.


Push’s system not only allows you to audit the amount of dishes sold by individual staff, but you can also enlist your staff to collect feedback. Using our Manager logbook, you can track how many dishes were ordered, how they were received, and if there were any significant complaints. Customer feedback is essential in providing an insight to improve your business.

With our platform, monitoring employee performance is a cakewalk. You can make notes on each employee profile. If an employee pushed promo dishes like no tomorrow and you don’t want to forget, make a note in their employee profile for your own reference! You’ll be able to easily filter through your staff and see who is excelling.



Keeping track of how are staff is doing with promoting dishes is simple and its a fun incentive for the staff! Granting bonuses is made even easier when they’re added with a click of a button!