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Your business is growing! With multiple crews and different projects on the go, you’re looking for a solution that can automate all tedious payroll tasks to grant you give you clear oversight over your business.

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In an industry of rapid growth, construction businesses are often looking for solutions that can help provide more clarity and control of their employees and projects.

Challenges for Construction

Managing Multiple Crews

  • Managers and owners need to ensure that employees are showing up on-site on time and ready to work

Running Payroll

  • Considerable time is spent on manual administrative tasks and paperwork
  • Employee hours are collected via paper or Excel and have to be manually calculated and transferred to payroll
  • Calculations like statutory holiday pay, overtime pay, etc. are manually completed

Employee Communication

  • Communication with employees about schedules and projects is difficult without a centralized platform
  • Messages sent through text or group chats are fragmented, disorganized and often get lost

Project Costing and Reporting

  • Considerable administrative paperwork is required to allocate employee payroll costs to different projects

Push Solution

Employee Mobile Clock-in with Geo-tagging

  • Allow employees to clock-in via their mobile device in a geo-tagged location with the free Push Employee App
  • Automatically assign employee hours to the right project
  • Set up access for managers and owners to view an employee’s clock-in location (via phone GPS) to ensure that they are on the job site.

Company-Wide Scheduling and Messaging

  • Provide employees with information about which job site they are working at along with who they are working with
  • Communicate with employees and managers on one platform
  • Create messages to update all employees assigned to a job project or send company-wide messages

Run Payroll in Minutes

  • Automate statutory holiday pay and overtime pay calculations
  • Calculate labor and job costing automatically
  • Eliminate manual data transfers and funnel worked hours straight to payroll

Reporting Designed to Help Scale Your Business

  • Generate and view job costing reports in seconds
  • Know how much labor you are spending on each job, and each function
  • View a dashboard that displays the comparison of labor costs / efficiencies between jobs

Key Benefits

Clock in

Employee mobile clock-in with geo-fencing.

Know on the Go

Know where your employees are when they’ve clocked-in via GPS.


Automatic payroll cost job costing

Ease of Use

Run payroll in minutes

"Fantastic Platform!"

Justin D, General Manager, Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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