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Cannabis Retail

One of the primary challenges for businesses that operate in the cannabis industry is the government required documentation and paperwork management of employee records.

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Overview (Canada)

Those who work in the cannabis industry are required to hold licenses to sell Cannabis within the provincial bodies. These licenses also must be renewed accordingly.

Government regulations require workers to complete the following in order to work:

  • Security Verification (a background check with a 2 year renewal period)
  • Provincial Training Program (the renewal period varies by province)

Challenges for Cannabis Retail

Managing Paperwork and Employee Records:

  • All required paperwork needs to be obtained from every newly hired employee
  • Information is kept in different places and is not centralized, resulting in more manual labor with payroll tasks or an HRIS system
  • Employee files need to be proactively reviewed to ensure every employee is legally able to work
  • Dispensary licenses can be at risk if employees are not qualified to work

Management Inefficiencies:

  • Proper compliance is dependant on people instead of a systematic workflow
  • Owners have to make sure that new managers coming in know where everything is and is up-to-date.
  • New managers must be proactive with updating employee license renewals and being aware of deadlines
  • Payroll calculations are manually calculated and managers are required to educate themselves on complex payroll rules like stat holiday eligibility, etc.

Store Expansion:

  • Important information like employee availability, training documents, etc. can be lost when an employee is transferred or is required to work between multiple stores
  • There’s no centralized place for employees who work at multiple locations to communicate to management about shift requests, availability and any other related information.
  • Employees can also accidentally work overtime across multiple locations
  • Store performances are comparisons are manually calculated through a spreadsheet

Daily Management of Employees:

  • All worked hours are manually tracked and transferred to a payroll system where manual calculations are made and mistakes often occur
  • With multiple management teams and shared logins, there is a lack of clarity around how employees are performing, why they’ve worked outside their scheduled hours, and more.
  • Employee performances are difficult to manage and analyze with multiple systems being used to track, report, and document employee KPIs

Push Solution

Centralized Employee Record Keeping.

  • Streamline the application process by making all legal paperwork required with the applicant tracking system
  • Automatically transfer and store all paperwork obtained during the application process in a newly hired employee’s profile
  • Create a paperless online employee onboarding process with digital forms, contracts and allow for documents to be digitally signed and stored in an online filing cabinent
  • Centralize all record keeping tasks by storing and sharing important employee documents, training manuals, and information across multiple locations

Flexible Employee Management Tools:

  • Automate payroll calcuations like hourly wages, statutory holiday and overtime pay
  • Create custom clock-schedule rules that can be automatically enforced to streamline the clock approval process
  • Hire, train and manage employees at multiple locations with one central login

Features to Scale Your Business:

  • Get access to enterprise-wide scheduling and messaging for employees across multiple locations
  • Compare important KPIs amongst different locations with an enterprise-wide dashboard
  • Set up custom alerts in advance to remind managers of license renewals, employee performance reviews, and more

Key Benefits

Document Management

Paperless onboarding and online document management.

Advanced Reports

Streamlined reporting for compliance documentation.


Push supports and adapts to company-specific issues

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