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Brink POS

Brink POS is the preferred all-in-one restaurant point of sale solution. Featuring a month SaaS subscription, Brink POS is a flexible POS provider that caters to everything from Enterprise model businesses to independent restaurant businesses.

Categories: POS, Point of Sale

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About Brink POS

Everything You Need to Run Your Restaurant

  • POS Software, POS Hardware, Services, Integrations Ecosystem, and Payment all in one place.
  • Our Open Web API allows you to select the integration partners aligned with your operational needs and goals.

User Friendly

  • Our restaurant management platform is intuitive and user friendly.
  • Training your staff is simple and quick.

Designed to Scale

  • Brink POS can easily adapt to your growing restaurant.
  • Nimble and flexible, allowing for rapid roll-outs and seamless deployment.

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Integration Details:

  • Two way communication between Brink and Push allowing for data to flow through both systems
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