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Auphan Software specializes in the development of Web Enabled point-of-sale and Enterprise Management solutions for the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Categories: Point of Sales, POS Systems, Enterprise Management Software Solutions

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About Auphan

Auphan Software specializes in the development of web-enabled point-of-sale (POS) and Enterprise Management solutions. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada we have become a trusted POS developer to independent and multi-store chains and franchise restaurants, cafes, beverage and food retailers.

Auphan offers user-friendly applications and custom software development for enterprise clients. Our integrated platform enables operators to view, access data in real-time, and improve data management, collection, and operational performance.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a software solution that offers the freedom to easily manage, control, and access their business securely and remotely, from anywhere.

Integration Details

  • Receive real-time sales figures to compare against labor cost by department
  • Forecast labor based on sales data
  • View daily or hourly trends

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To connect Push to Auphan:

  1. Contact support at
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