More than just payroll software for your restaurant.

Push Operations (based in Vancouver, BC) started with a Chartered Accountant who had been running his own practice for 11 years. Understanding tax laws and keeping up with changes that affected the payroll of businesses he worked with was something that he enjoyed but clients did not. Particularly restaurants.


Propelling Push Operations forward, was the vision of providing a payroll service for restaurants that allows ownership and management to focus on their business and be more profitable. The Push Operations team takes care of payroll remittances, understands tax laws and has become a key part of every back-of-house team that has brought us on.

Payroll software and service for restaurants

We pride ourselves on being different from other providers by:


Service Across North America

Where We Service

We are proud to provide restaurants with our scheduling, time & attendance and HR products across Canada and the United States.

Payroll services are available across Canada and in major states across the USA.

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