We're with you throughout an employee’s entire life cycle.

From onboarding to career growth, management and payroll, Push takes care of an employee’s journey with your business on one simple platform.

Hiring, promoting or offboarding tasks.

Collect, store and manage all your employees’ data on one secure platform.

Administrative tasks, & planning labor.  

Plan, execute and optimize your labor from anywhere.

Wages, calculations and compliance. 

Effortlessly track, calculate and automate employee hours.

Growing the Team and the Business

Recover labor costs and spend more time with staff and guests.


Streamline your employee onboarding and set up your employees for success - digitally!

Employees can fill out their new hire packages from anywhere.

Digitally signed forms and important documents like banking papers and employment forms are kept in a secure online filing cabinet.

From invites being sent to completion of an employee’s onboarding process, the status of an employee’s journey is easily tracked.

Managers from different departments can add new employees based on their assigned permissions.

Welcome emails are sent to newly added employees to easily get them started on adding their availability, viewing their schedule and submitting time off.

New team member introductions can be created in a centralized messaging platform that can be sent via text message, email or as a clock-in announcement.


Manage your business on an all-in-one platform that will significantly reduce time spent on administrative tasks from planning your schedule to calculating labor costs.

One login is used for managers who manage multiple locations and employees who work at more than one location.

Schedule smarter with shift templates, multiple scheduling views and create custom rules like blackout dates and minimum shift swap notice days.

Approve clocked hours and shift swaps and view daily schedules all from the convenience of your phone.

Digitally signed break waivers and clock adjustment forms are stored in employee files for quick access.

Analyze labor costs and approve shifts strategically with real-time forecasted vs actual sales comparisons and shift overtime analyses.

View early break clock-ins, track missed breaks or early punches and manage upcoming daily or weekly overtime instances with labor alarms.


Lower the risk of pay errors by removing the need to manually calculate employee hours, holiday pay or premium pay like overtime or split shifts.

Get hands-on support with payroll processing and speak to one of our live support agents every time.

Automatically funnel clocked hours into payroll and accurately pay and manage employee wages.

Multi-wage tracking is automated and employees are paid for the position worked.

Make changes or updates to employee information like banking information and wages in minutes instead of days.

Easily upload earnings like tips, reimbursements and bonuses for multiple employees and set up recurring benefit deductions in advance.

Automate tip wage top-ups, daily minimum pay and shift premiums to significantly reduce the chance of compliance issues and costly calculation errors.


Focus on growing your business with more free time and stronger labor margins. Give your staff and customers the attention they deserve.

Understand how much you’re spending on labor vs sales using live forecasting.

Recover labor costs by automating payroll and removing the need for manual data entry.

Employee statistics like turnover and wage increases are easily accessible and key performance indicators like missed shifts or late starts are tracked.

Employee promotions are made simple with the ability to easily add new positions and wages.

Communication from managers to employees is centralized and can be pushed directly to an employee's phone or email.

Administrative tasks like employee set-up, paperwork, and payroll calculations are automated, allowing more time to spend on your business’ growth.

The Push Operations Suite

With Push Operations you can mix and match Payroll, HR and Workforce Management, but what are the benefits to using an all-in-one system? The short answer is automation and streamlining systems. When everything integrates seamlessly its less manual work, which gives you more time to spend with your customers.