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Tucked away in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Thierry Chocolates offers a little taste of Paris.

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Previous System

Payroll: ADPScheduling: ExcelTime Attendance: Manual Sign In/Out

About Thierry

Tucked away in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Thierry Chocolates offers a little taste of Paris. Praised as one of the finest pastry chefs in North America, France native, Thierry Buset offers a contemporary approach to macarons, chocolates, pastries and desserts. With a heated patio open year round, along with a multitude of café favourites, Thierry Chocolates is always busy. They attract local customers, along with tourists, with their European charm and exceptional array of classic desserts.

Thierry Challenge

Though traditional and classic styles and flavours work excellently for the business, the traditional methods of time clocking and payroll did not. Thierry’s system was ancient; it was extremely manual, and far too complicated. As simple as signing in and out on a paper sounds, it was difficult enough to keep track of the sheets, let alone keep track of if staff actually showed up on time. Financial Controller Peter Tse saw that as a problem: “[there] is no peace of mind if they actually showed up. I’m not usually on the floor level, and [I’m] unable to audit employee clock times and ensure they are coming in and signing out on time.” Statutory holidays were also a guaranteed headache. The process itself was extremely manual; it required the method of copy and pasting hours. Not only was the task of payroll tedious and time consuming, but it was hugely prone to error.

Push Solution

Push provided an opportunity to move into the 21st century. Gone are the pen and paper methods of signing in and out, fear of inaccuracy, and valuable time wasted doing menial tasks. Push transformed Thierry’s old and outdated employee management systems to a single, streamlined, and robust interface of scheduling, time attendance and payroll. It is a single multifaceted tool that allows business to have total control of their workforce.

“With Push, there’s more peace of mind that employees actually showed up to work as I’m not at the floor level to know.”

Peter Tse, Financial Controller,

With the use of Push’s robust interface, automation of manual calculations and data transfers allows Peter to make enhanced business decisions. He has the ability to “focus on the analysis of the business versus spending time on the tedious tasks”. Push also supplies Peter with real time, valuable reports and analytics, allowing him to make informed business decisions. Push’s time and attendance system specifically, has freed Peter from finishing the puzzle of payroll. The tedious task of data transfers of hours is removed as they are automatically calculated, along with statuary holidays and daily and weekly overtime hours. The lingering menace of “buddy-punching” is eliminated through a web-based clock with camera function. Questionable hours and lost time are no longer an issue. The system eliminates human errors, saves time, and ensures that hours sent to payroll are completely accurate.

Push’s workforce management system is not only flexible, but it is tailored to each business. As one of the few dessert cafes in Vancouver, the business of Thierry Chocolates has differing needs from a traditional restaurant. With a multitude of clients, Push recognizes the importance of understanding Thierry’s unique business aspects. Change is good, but it can also be daunting, and often time consuming. Push values their customers and aims to provide instant results. Push supplies 24-hour customer support, and questions or requests are always addressed in a timely manner. The demand for excellence at Push Operations drives the team to truly understand Thierry’s business needs and their unique aspects.

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Key Benefits


Problems and concerns are always dealt with in a timely manner, 24 hour customer support available


Driven to find the best solution for businesses in a prompt and informative process


Push supports and adapts to businesses’ unique attributes

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