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We integrate all aspects of employee management (scheduling, time-tracking, payroll and HR) into one simple platform that will save you time, reduce redundancy, and increase your profitability.


One Click Payroll Automation


Smart & Intuitive Scheduling

Time & Attendance

Reinvented Time Tracking

Human Resource Management

Centralized Employee Data Hub


Real-time Reporting

Why use an All-in-One system?

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Push Operations

Labor Management, Simplified.

Push Operations is built for restaurants. Save tremendous time managing your restaurant and spend more time growing it.

The Push Operations Suite

With Push Operations you can mix and match Payroll, HR and Workforce Management, but what are the benefits to using an all-in-one system? The short answer is automation and streamlining systems. When everything integrates seamlessly it's less manual work, which gives you more time to spend with your customers.