Who We Are

Push Operations (based in Vancouver, BC), started with a Chartered Accountant who has now been running his own practice for 11 years. Propelling the company forward was the vision of eliminating redundant and mundane data entry in order to streamline payroll and increase accuracy. As a result, managers have access to real-time reporting in order to make better decisions. We pride ourselves on being different from other providers by:

Providing our customers with the most flexible payroll service
Putting our customers first with longer customer service hours
Giving our customers customized reports to make better decisions

Where We Service

We currently serve customers in Canada and the USA.

Customer Support

We value our customers and believe that questions should be answered promptly. Our customer service is 24 hours via phone and email. You can also schedule an in-person meeting in advance to sit down with one of our representatives.

Ready for a live demo?

Push Operations strives to make you a rockstar. Our live demos are short and sweet, we answer all your questions and we make it really fun!

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