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With founders who have helped pioneer the growth of Toronto’s entertainment district, it’s no surprise to find ICONINK at the forefront of Toronto’s dining scene. Fusing lifestyle, fine dining and entertainment under the same roof of restaurants, bars and venues worldwide, ICONINK offers world class menus with trendy aesthetics for an exclusive experience across 15 different venues.

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Previous System

Payroll: ADP & CeridianScheduling: Ceridan DayforceTime Attendance: Silverware POS

ICONINK Challenge

Managing labor for multiple successful venues with hundreds of employees is not an easy task. Especially when payroll requires manual calculations and data transfers. ICONINK’s previous workforce providers offered them a fragmented system. Human Resource Generalist, Anna Tran, found this frustrating – “we were paying a lot but we didn’t have all the tools we needed to manage labor.” With a massive retainer of employees, ICONINK needed to know more than how many hours they were scheduling. They needed to know how much they were spending on labor. But their previous scheduling software didn’t show them their labor cost is real time. As a result, one of the biggest problems that ICONINK faced was managing their labor costs. With hundreds of employees on their payroll, paying overtime was extremely costly. With Ontario’s weekly OT rule, it was easy to accidentally have employees work overtime.

The process of running payroll was painfully tedious and time consuming. With over 10 venues and hundreds of employees, Anna spent up to 3 days, every two weeks, manually exporting clock times from her POS system, calculating the hours in Excel and then reviewing them with her payroll provider. As meticulous as she was, Anna found herself not only manually calculating her payroll but also auditing her payroll provider.

There was no peace of mind with her previous provider – “things were entered incorrectly and we wouldn’t be able to trace it.” Dealing with accidentally overpaying an employee is already headache but paying an employee, another employee’s pay, was a nightmare. With the frustrations that they ran into with their previous providers, ICONINK was looking for a cost effective solution that was customizable to their operations.

“Things that used to be done manually can now be done automatically and there are tools to make [payroll processing] easy.”

Anna Tran, HR Generalist

Push Solution

As a company with multiple venues and businesses, ICONINK didn’t need to find software that they fit, rather they were looking for software that fit them. Push provided just that – customizable software tailored to their unique needs. Push eliminated the problem of ICONINK’s previous fragmented employee management system with a tailored and streamlined interface of scheduling, time attendance and payroll. Costly mistakes have significantly decreased due to the removal of data entry and manual calculations and the fear of inaccuracy is eliminated with Push’s attention to detail.

Employee management is made easy when Anna and her team can keep a close eye on labor costs. Push’s detailed labor reports allowed the Head Office team to accurately track of labor hours and costs without physically being at a location. With real time forecasting, day-to-day managers can be held accountable to schedule accordingly.

Weekly overtime (OT) has also significantly decreased with Push’s Weekly OT Alarms. Instead of blindly approving hours, managers would receive weekly emails for employees who were likely to reach ICONINK’s OT threshold. Managers now have the ability to be proactive with their labor planning rather than discovering their high labor costs after the fact. Head Office also gains peace of mind knowing that their labor is being optimized day-to-day.

On a single platform, payroll processing has also been streamlined. Manager-approved clock hours are now directly transferred to payroll. Instead of exporting data and manually calculating employee pay, Anna simply reviews the run before a one-click approval. She no longer spends more than half of her work week reviewing and processing payroll. Saving up to 16 hours on payroll and labor cost calculations, Anna is now able to spend more time focusing on important HR tasks at hand.

Tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, Push recognizes the significance of finding a workforce solution that not only works but aids in the growth of our clients. Push acknowledged ICONINK’s company specific issues and provided a flexible, and tailored solution. Gone were the costly errors of data entry and manual calculations. With a high value on client success – Push strives to provide clients with hands-on support and software that is customized to their business’ needs.
As a leader in Toronto’s booming entertainment scene, Push’s solution allowed ICONINK to keep an accurate pulse on their business. They know exactly where their costs are going and with Push, they now have the appropriate tools to manage their workforce accordingly.

Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

Restaurant focused forecasting and overtime tracking tools to optimize labor costs

Time Saver

Custom dashboards and full time support for company specific needs


Tailored software for the restaurant industry and custom reports and templates

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