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Hapa Izakaya

Hapa Izakaya actively seeks to offer modern interpretations of traditional Japanese cuisine, coupled with locally sourced Ocean Wise ingredients and seafood. In doing so, the “casual chain” restaurant has been able to propel its local success in Vancouver by expanding operations to across the nation with thriving locations in Calgary and Toronto.

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Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto (Canada)





Previous System

Payroll: CeridianScheduling: ExcelTime Attendance: Pen and Paper (sign-in sheets)

Hapa Izakaya Challenge

An increase in the popularity of the Hapa brand led to rapidly expanding operations. Hapa owners Lea and Justin sought a solution to combat the lack of transparency and ambiguity that was prevalent in their past workforce management systems. Prior to unifying scheduling, time attendance and payroll, Hapa resorted to inefficient processes that led to overly “time consuming tasks, as payroll would take four hours to complete,” says Lea. “Moreover, data transfer was being needlessly and often inaccurately repeated, as each location had to input hours into Excel and I would have to manually transfer this information into our online payroll system, increasing the possibility of error.” Employee hours were not always logged accurately, which resulted in managers having to “guesstimate” the hours worked in the manual sign-in sheets.

Push Solution

Push Operations provided the solution that Hapa needed to resolve these issues. Push provided a multi-faceted tool that maximized efficiency by combining the three core aspects of human capital management: scheduling, time attendance and payroll. Lea specifically highlighted the time management advantage that she has experienced with Push, reducing four hours of work to only 30 minutes. The transition to a unified, secure system supported by Push provided the time saving, flexibility and transparency that the chain required to keep up with its rapid growth and expansion. Lea gained peace of mind that employee hours are accurate as Push’s camera function ensures staff are clocking in for themselves, and the hours are flow seamlessly into payroll.

“Payroll used to take me 4 hours and now with Push Operations, it takes me only 30 mins”

Lea Ault, Owner

In addition to the functionality of the service, Lea also applauded “Push’s superb customer service,” going on to highlight quick response times as well as Push’s ability to efficiently and promptly resolve any issues with her account.

“The team at Push gives me amazing customer service. Push has supported me along the way to really adapt to and address my business needs,” Lea explains. With Push’s services, Hapa now has sole unified system for payroll data across their five locations throughout Canada, something that would not have been previously possible. Hapa Izakaya has seen a significant positive impact on their day-to-day operations. They now have peace of mind knowing that they are using a best-in-class workforce management solution that is as sophisticated and refined as the Hapa Izakaya brand itself.

“Push’s system is easy to use and flexible; Push tailored
the system to meet our business needs.”

Lea Ault, Owner

Key Benefits

Time Saver

Payroll processing time reduced by: 83% of the time

Customer Service

Prompt, solution-oriented, and 24 hour service available

Peace of Mind

Payroll is accurate and eliminates human error

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