Everything You Need to Know about Alberta Statutory Holidays

So what days qualify as statutory holidays in Alberta? Only the following holidays qualify:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Alberta Family Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas Day

And exactly who is eligible? There are two factors that an employee must have to qualify for statutory holiday pay:

  1. They must work scheduled days before and after the stat holiday.
  2. They must also work on the stat holiday if they are scheduled.

Working on a Stat Holiday

If an employee works on a stat holiday, they are entitled to one of two options.

  • An average daily wage (stat average pay) AND 1.5 x employee’s daily wage for hours worked (premium pay)OR
  • Their regular hourly wage including OT (if applicable) PLUS a future day off, with pay of their average daily wage and before their next annual vacation.

If an employee does not work on a stat holiday, they are only eligible for stat average pay.

Calculating Stat Average Pay

Here is how to calculate stat pay:

  • Regular wages, vacation pay, and general holiday pay earned during previous 4 weeks* to the holiday x 5% 

Here’s an example:

Joe earned $4,320 in the last 4 weeks. He has worked his scheduled shift before the holiday, and will work the day after the holiday. To calculate his stat pay:

  • $4,320 wages earned x 0.05 = $216 in general holiday pay.

If he is working the stat holiday, he is entitled to premium holiday pay in addition to his general holiday pay.


  • $4,320 wages earned x 0.05 = $216 in general holiday pay.
  • PLUS ($20 x 1.5) x 8 hrs = $240 in premium holiday pay

In total, Joe earned $456 when he worked a statutory holiday.

If you’ve been following our statutory holiday calculation series, you’ll notice that stat pay calculations can drastically vary from province to province. Technology in the workplace can be intimidating but when it comes to stat holiday calculations, the pros of payroll automation heavily outweigh the cons.

For further information on automating stat holiday calculations, Download our handy guide on Canadian stat holiday calculations below!

Download the Guide


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